What is GCC Pro?

Managed Game Hosting - Your game runs in the Fully Authoritative Game Cloud. Scales incognito.
Realtime Networking - Using our advanced technology you reduce the traffic to your players allowing large number of gamers to connect even on slow (mobile) networks without lagging.
Easy to use - Using our integrated into Unity Editor Tools we make it easy to develop your game networking.
Secure - Using our BAN cloud service allows you to control the player behaviour and minimize the risk of cheating.
Data and management - Control your game versions and players’ data with our control panel. Use our cloud based database to store vital data for your game and players.
Affordable - Use the free package during the development of your game and for the initial publishing stage.
Cross Platform - Our cloud works with all versions of Unity and on all platforms the are supported by Unity. You can also run any C# based application.
Custom Physics for server side collisions - You can use any custom physics library written in C#.
Support - Our engineers are there 24/7 to help you with any problem you may encounter.

GCC Pro packages per game title

  • 30 CCU

    • 30 Concurrent Users
    • 500MB Database Space
    • Cloud Authoritative Hosting
    • 500 msg/sec
    • Over-usage NOT included
    • Forum support
  • 100 CCU

    $ 89.00 once
    • 100 Concurrent Users
    • 1GB Database Space
    • Cloud Authoritative Hosting
    • Unlimited msg/sec
    • Over-usage NOT included
    • 24/7 email support
  • 500 CCU

    $ 79.00 monthly
    • 500 Concurrent Users
    • 2GB Database Space
    • Cloud Authoritative Hosting
    • Unlimited msg/sec
    • Over-usage included
    • 24/7 email support
  • 1000 CCU

    $ 149.00 monthly
    • 1000 Concurrent Users
    • 3GB Database Space
    • Cloud Authoritative Hosting
    • Unlimited msg/sec
    • Over-usage included
    • 24/7 email support
  • 5000+ CCU

    $ 169.00 monthly
    • for every 1K CCU above 5000
    • Ask us for DB space
    • Ask us for special service
    • Unlimited msg/sec
    • Over-usage included
    • 24/7 support

Concurrent Users (CCU)

The number of users that are allowed to connect simultaneously to your game defines the CCU count.

Database Space

The amount of Database Storage that your application is allowed to use on server side.

Cloud Authoritative Hosting

Your Server Side Game Logic will run simultaneously with other games on our cloud.

Unlimited messages/second

Suitable for heavy network load games.


Your game can exceed CCU limit and upgrade later, so your users won't lose service. Games that exceed limits for more than 72 hours will be limited to current package's CCU.

Good for realtime multiplayer

Shooters, Racers, MMORPGs require a huge amount of networking traffic and a reliable, scalable service.

More Questions?

Need more CCU? Dedicated Cloud? More DB Space? Something else? -Send your questions and we will get back to you. Ask now!

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