Download GCC Pro Software Development Kit (SDK) for Unity® Editor

16 Sep 2014

Dear Developers,

We have released our cloud networking engine for Unity - GCC Pro. To start development of your Unity game networking use our GCC Pro SDK. It runs with any version of Unity, both on Windows and Mac OS.

Before you start, please check that you have installed:

- Windows or Mac OS X powered computer
- Unity® Editor (any version)
- Microsoft Visual Studio or Xamarin Studio

SDK Contents:

- Example Project - a fully functional working example of a GCC based game - contains both the Unity3D project and GCC Local Game Server (former "Emulator").
- Example_game_database.backup - database backup of the example game - to be restored on the GCC Pro cloud in order to launch the example there.
- - packaged game ready for deployment to GCC Pro cloud.
- GCC Unity Editor Plug-in - Contains the plug-in which extends capabilities of the Unity3D editor, allowing creation and management of GCC based projects.
- SDKBotManager - C# project which creates a load with predefined players(bots) on the local game server.

May the Source be with you,
The GCC Team

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