What is Game Cloud Continental?

support to game studios
trained team of professionals
new dimension to YOUR 3D Games
code development to a minimum
develop game with minimum investments
create the next best MMO Game Title

About GCC

Game Cloud Continental is a company that has created a Unity 3D based server for mobile and online games. The company takes advantage of the global demand for game development at competitive cost-to-launch and the growth potential in the gaming industry, thus it establishes fast and easy to use Network Engine used by game developers to build scalable Massive Multiplayer Online Games, First Person Shooters or any other multiplayer game for PC, Mac, Browser, IOS, Android, Console and Cross-Platform.

We are now creating a freely available platform that will host the development of numerous games. This will move ease of game development to a new level and expand titles across platforms.

Game Clout Service Development
  • 1 Furthermore the company will offer support to game studios and host their already established games at the cloud.
  • 2 Behind Game Cloud Continental is a small, highly - trained team of professionals, with the will and skill to bring the next generation.
  • 3 Next generation Unity® based cloud engine that will bring a whole new dimension to YOUR 3D Games.
  • 4 Our stunning physics and game templates will keep your code development to a minimum, giving you the time to focus on what is important to your game - gameplay and graphics.
  • 5 We give you the tools to develop your own game with minimum or no investments.
  • 6 We will give to your game the ability to bring as much players together as you need in order to create the next best MMO Game Title.

Team GCC

Chief Wisdom Officer a.k.a CEO
Our Chief Wisdom Officer has an extensive knowledge of the gaming industry and intelligently applies it to the new technological trends to extract the associated value added into GCC and its products for fast networking, allowing the creation of revolutionary MMOs for mobile.
Marketing Director of Smiles and Surprises
Our marketing director of Smiles is the person within our team who is responsible for creating our messages to the world. So that the world would understand. Otherwise it would be all code and documents.
Director of Culture, Commerce and Financial Integrity
Our director of culture, commerce and financial integrity leads the GCC’s administrative, business, legal and financial efforts to create a more accountable, cash rich, success oriented and culturally entertaining company.
Administrator of Quality and Testing Affairs
The role of our administrator of QA affairs is to observe the strict principles of quality assurance - "Fit for purpose" and "Right first time" for any GCC produced piece of code.
The technical master mind
Our technical master mind is the creator of the technological breakthrough of the faster networking for Unity based games. He broke the paradigms of the possible to introduce game developers into the limitless possibilities of context serialization and more.
Front-runner of Technology Advancement
Our front runner of Technology Advancement is the role which introduces emerging technologies and best practices into GCC products and services, in order to strengthen game developers engagement into what we do, increase coding ease and enable gaming MMO transformation worldwide.
SDK Therapist
Our SDK Therapist is the person who has invented numerous therapies incorporated in the GCC offered Software Development Kit.
Principal of Creative Goodness
Our principal of creative goodness is asked to realize vague, “just thinking” ideas of the team into creative, understandable and message delivering master pieces. He is responsible for the overall look and feel of the firm.
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