Continental.Shared NamespaceGCC Pro APIDOC

Public classClosedConnectionInfo
Public classCommandCodes
Base class containing supported command codes for serialization. To define more codes declare an inheriting class and declare constant options of type 'short' - no overriding allowed, derived classes can have only public constans defined in them
Public classCommandPair
Wrapper class for a gaming network message. It contains a IGameCommand implementation and a context number.
Public classConnectionResponse
Used when opening connection with the game
Public classConstants
Default send timeout in miliseconds
Public classHandshakeCommand
Public classHandshakeCommand Contexts
Public classNotSerializableAttribute
Public classRedirectCommand
Public classSerializationManager
Takes care of objects serialization for communication
Public classSerializationManager SerializationManagerException
Public classServerCommandAttribute
Public classVersionsMismatch

Public interfaceIGameCommand
Base for all commands objects which may be sent over network

Public enumerationClosedConnectionInfo DisconnectedReason
Public enumerationVersionsMismatch VersionType