Game networking middleware for your

Game.And more.

Faster Networking
Using our advanced technology we reduce the traffic to the player allowing large number of players to connect even on slow (mobile) networks without lagging
Build for Unity
Using our integrated into Unity Editor Tools we make it easy to develop your game networking
Managed Game Hosting
Your game runs in the Fully Authoritative Game Cloud. Scales incognito
Placing your game on our cloud service allows you to control the game logic and minimize the risk of cheating it.
Data and management
Control your game versions and players’ data with our control panel Use our cloud based database to store vital data for your game and players
Affordable to use
Use the free package during the development of your game and pay as your players’ number grows
Cross Platform
Our cloud works with all versions of Unity and on all platforms the are supported by unity
Custom Physics for server side collisions
You can use any custom physics library written in C#.
Our engineers are there 24/7 to help you with any problem you may encounter

GCC Pro Beta Launched!

Dear All,
Game Cloud Continental is happy to announce the beta version release of our cloud platform for multiplayer game networking - GCC Pro!
The GCC Team.

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